It’s a long story, i can’t explain.

by muhammad ayman

I’m in love !

No, wait, it's not my story, it's theirs..


I do, i don’t, i don’t know
I remember, i forget
I want, i need, i play
I learn, i regret.
Something is missing.
I don’t know what’s going on.

What’s that?

I build, then tore down.
You are real, you are made up.
I write you down, you fly up.
I whisper, you yell.
It’s a secret, don’t tell.

What’s the name of this street?

I don’t give up, i don’t have hope.

I do, i don’t
I don’t understand me either.

Is this a bus stop?

Excuse the mess, i don’t speak the language.

I do, i don’t, i can’t explain.

It’s getting dark,
This city is too big,
i don’t know where i am.
I am in love.

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