When I was wrong

by muhammad ayman

I was once a swimmer
But You got me deeper
I tried to be like you
But you were like me
I thought we were different
But there weren’t “we”
I smiled
You too
I tried
You too
And I can’t stand it
Being here while you’re there
I suffocated
I drowned
It’s me who died
Until you were there for me
Until you were observing
Until you
We met
We were loners
We were wallflowers
We were introverts
we laughed
we saw that shining
we closed our eyes
we still see the light
this is love
I was Zanetti
you were Casillas
we had a match
I scored
you stood still
again it’s penalties
I shoot
you were very short
It’s your turn
you didn’t turn
something inside you
is hard to explain
I was the drummer
you were the Maestro
we were fine
until we thought
we gonna drive through the night
Down the hills
ghosts around us
the darkness
the silence
the feelings
we don’t talk
we just stalk
bring your smile
with mine
we could make it work
we agreed to meet
in another dream
in another time
in another life
at the lake house
as a man and a spouse
as an ice in an opened ocean
as a night without emotion
When I was Oscillating
You were everywhere I go
When I was thinking
You were doing
When I was reading
You were writing
When I was wrong
You were strong
We lost
We failed
At least we tried

“I have only been Wrong that’s when I thought I was wrong ”

Written in 11/2013