Back to 2014

by muhammad ayman

Damn I forgot !
All the words I have been preparing to write ’em in this blog , yes I did.
maybe it’s the effect of spacetime of the new year !
*nothing to do here*
I remembered something which is very important about 2015, I’m mentally stuck in 2014 !
If one thought carefully of two of the most popular and fantastic films of the 19th century and maybe one of the greatest novels of all time  “space odyssey” and “Back to the future ” , space odyssey which is one of my favorite novels predicted that in 2001 there will be a computer machine called HAL 9000  that can represent a full active mind . images (2) where the HELL is HAL 9000 ? even 14 years after the specified date it doesn’t exist !
Then, let’s get to “back to the future series” which also predicted that we will have flying skateboards , flying cars and other flying future stuff by the end of 2015 (October) .
-science failed my friend .science betrayed us my friend .science doesn’t exist my fr…..
-what are you saying ? science do exist !
-prove it !
-watch me ! *calling*
Hello , komputershop ?
-nope , and it’s computer shop
-oookaaaay , sorry, may I ask you whether is there any PCs called HAL 9000 ?
-nope, never heard of it! Where is it made ?
-I really don’t know but maybe in a space station.
-aha , ok
-Hahahahha , thanks but may I wonder why don’t you say no instead of nope ?
-ok , that’s enough . You win !
-just try to forget that .
-I’m sure I’ll
-, That was my 1st prove . Here is the second …..look through the window and then look at this cut from predicted October 2015  convinced ?
-so what is your point ? Each person on this planet is celebrating and you want to think , meditate and ask whether scientific things are real or not ?
-Calm down ! I have emotions ! (don’t Click on The Link ) I just want to get out of 2014 zone .I mean look at these guys they are counting down days ! They believe !
-Wait , I have a suggestion , we could consider new year as part 2 of 2014 and each new year as well will be considered as a new chapter or part of The damn 2014 which gives scientists time to build your bullshit machines .
-and the organic final exam on Sunday ?
-will be delayed to next year, of course
-Still single ?
-yeah , why ?
-taxi !
-I’m sorry Dave ,I’m afraid I can’t do that
-HAL ?