The curious case of twitching-eyebrows Hussein

by muhammad ayman

I’m not talking about the e-mail I’ve sent , I’m not talking about it , I’m not talking about it , I’m not talking about it .
so I wrote once about a train trip I took almost 3 years ago in the summer , I mentioned the way  ,  from my house to the train station but didn’t get to the trip itself ; cause I didn’t feel anyone was following .
Now I’m sure no one else will be interested in a story I write in English as I didn’t practise mine for a long time (except for the last week writing that e-mail), but it’s ok , I feel like I’m obligated to declare the details of how I was deeply affected in only two hours .
And before I begin I’d like to propose this soundtrack to be listened to during reading (something I  borrowed from Artparasite website )
so here it is .
I finished my last blog talking about how I reached the station , so to start I’d say this was the moment I felt I was fucked .I didn’t know where to go to book a ticket , where those platforms are where trains take off , I had only 10 minutes before the train I searched for the day before would leave and I knew nothing .
All these questions were asked by someone in my head , in addition of course to the main most important question , what would happen if I didn’t catch this no-where-to-be-found train ,what would my father tell me .
I know I’m always late , everybody tells me that as if I don’t recognize it myself and as if I’m doing
this on purpose .
Yeah, this is typically me , last minute attendant , don’t have any idea what is going on , and also afraid to ask about it , because being late is already too much attention .
Now,back to the situation I asked many people and misguided as always but finally reached the booking window on my won guessing .on the window was a hanging sign which said “Tickets to Direct trains to Alexandria will be available now ” so I asked the official to give me a ticket and he widely smiled and replied “You wanna a ticket for a train leaves in 5 minutes ? you kiddin’ me ? ” so I got much embarrassed and while checking my watch a woman got to him and asked for a ticket and he gave her one then she left .A7eh ? “so there are still tickets available ?” I asked mocking his ass , but he never replied and I was like WTF ? but 2 minutes later a guy standing beside me told me a trick one could make to get on a train without booking a ticket 12 hours before , it is still more expensive but not too much and to actually check any train and get aboard and sit in the cafe bar waiting for the conductor to pay a ticket plus a fine (It was my first time on a train and the first time to travel alone so don’t mock me) .I thanked him and asked to show me the way to the platforms ,checking my watch when it was already past 8:00 and I’d have to wait one hour for the next train . I went there , sit in the waiting seats trying to prepare myself to quickly jump in the next train as there are only two seats in the cafe bar . The train came while I was buying my breakfast from a kiosk in the station , ran to it , and fortunately found the dining car or “the buffet”, now I was trying to sit when a Japanese guy turned to me and asked if someone could sit in a seat in the bogie or in the second class seats and just wait someone to make him move , I told him it’s my first time too , I really don’t know.One seat beside me was free for ten minutes and then David had shown up .David is an American-Mexican guy who I got to know him and his wife during the trip .They are from the Campos,travelling around the world in the summer he told me, because being in one place for your whole life sucks and none in their possibilities.After a while of talking about what we do and so on , he insisted that my English is good despite me telling him that I had already begun a German course to develop mine , and what notable was the barman staring at me the whole trip and of course all the train was staring at David’s beautiful wife .Back to the barman I asked for 2 breakfast cheese sandwiches and a cup of tea , opened my bag , took off my sunglasses and wore my reading glasses , searched for a book to read for the next remaining half an hour (I took 2 with me).Remembering the scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when Harry was at the Ollivanders and held his wand for the first time and felt this was a something chose him , well , AlHakim also chose me , I’ve never read anything for him before that time and I remember choosing “3ahd El Shaitan” in Cairo book fair by coincidence , this book which was a collection of short philosophical imagined stories , did have my mind since then .Btw I was surfing youtube and got to this and because of that I already made my mind to visit London in the next summer . I just can’t tell the story without interrupting myself , damn ADD . So back again to the trip , while I was reading one of the stories and completely into it , I stopped being there in the train only for 2 seconds .Just two seconds got me in a daydream where I merely saw a face I knew very well , for whom is  luminous with a kind of a delicate grace , and I swear I just can’t forget this two hours trip ever , although I had traveled alone so many times that I couldn’t remember after that , in Egypt and also mostly in Germany,but never could forget it , maybe it has something to do with Lorenz’s theory of chaos , of how those 2 hours result in great change in my mindset and had an enormous effect as if the whole event was carved in my memory .What all of this has to do with Hussein ? I don’t want to think that he was that voice which still accompanies me till now , I don’t want to know him , maybe something mysterious always with me isn’t a bad thing after all .
I didn’t tell all the details about the conversation between me and David but one day I will .
Finally I’d like to ask to whom I’ve sent that email-if you’re reading this- , please check your mail now ,  cause I ain’t free this time of the year and exams start in 4 days and whatever your reply will be I just can’t wait anymore for and can’t get over it train .