Ode to attachment (to you ,obviously)

by muhammad ayman

My words , my feeble words
don’t need to be clear
It’s you reading ’em what makes ’em a lot more than fair
The walls in-between are falling ,you know 
not that “falling”,so let go .

I have to speak-I must-I should
I ought…
I’d tell you why I love you if I thought
that I would.
The world ends tomorrow afternoon.
But shorter of that…well, it might be
so soon.
“Have you reckon’d a thousand acres much? have you reckon’d the earth much?”
Have you thought how many other people
read my favorite books,
liked my favorite songs ?
A Million !
Have you thought how many people 
I knew this year ,
last year ,
and before ?
Have you thought how many people
to whom I’m writing this poem ?
Only one.For you my love,my sweet love,are my only love. 
For I shall forget you ,only if you do .
At least that what Neruda would do .
OH yes I know everything about you  ,
it’s called a satellite mind, you know
did you have it ? did you ?
 OH look you’re smiling again ,
now you’re laughing ;
now you’re laughing
now you’re laughing
so that you could finish this fragile wording coin;
behind the sun someday,believe me 
I’m going.

,OH yes, I love you so much ,
I barely can see you reading this now ,
what a nice air touch ! 
But I don’t love you because
 the atmosphere usually changes instantly
the sky looks more beautiful
if you smile when you’re thinking of me.

I meant when I’m thinking of you*

OH no , that would be a pretty lie though

And I don’t love you because of your eyes


Your eyes.

Nope ,not that either.
I still don’t love you because of
Or even the worst human being ever was ,

I shall love you for one thing till I’m gone ,
I don’t know if it’s destined or drawn 
but for sure :
it’s because I just love you ,
it’s because I just do .

And I can’t help it

Not To see this as an awfully drawn pic,
for no rhythms and words shall be expressively enough ,
and yet you will understand ,
 or you should ,off the cuff .

 I shall wake up every day

To write another poem
Just for you
And I won’t like it
But you will , so I keep doing it
Till I run out of alphabets
and ask for help , so remember this 
as I did,
some day 

And I’d get so miserable that I would change the language bits
start a chain,
and keep doing it
Till I run out of alphabets 
see ? this how intimidating you’re.
I should have stopped I look bizarre. 

And I look at the sky and remember something about you ;
so I make up new words
out of the blue ,
start writing again
and keep doing it
Till time vanishes.
but this time I shall not live in vain
because you my love are my only pain .
where to go in this cold reminding rain
Below my blanket it’s obviously plain.