How to survive an apocalypse ?

by muhammad ayman

Just a normal day in school , I went without preparing for the following lectures and the professor felt it and asked me why didn’t I at least read for this day’s lecture and I  just smiled .But to be honest I wanted and I almost began to do it the day before but it came to me the idea of facing a walker or a zombie and I just felt it too bizarre to complete studying the Lagrangeform and not to start thinking of making a list of the things to do and not to do for me at first and for all of the survivors out there so that we could make it when the civilization begins to fall down ;because believe me this is going to happen sooner or later .Aaaaand maybe because I just finished The Walking dead season six and have to wait till October for the next new episode ,I may have some experience about this matter .Nevertheless, I have started the first season of “fear the walking dead” and it kinda looks boring and  naive compared to the original series but what do I have to lose ? Time ? I’m telling you ,this is a training .
1.You it’s always you who is the most important don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation and then cry after getting bitten or eaten .Don’t risk it if it’s not worth your life,and nothing worth it .
giphy (4)
2.Don’t be in a dark place ,don’t go there ,I said don’t .Believe me always bad things happen there. American people seem not to believe it but also they always die.
3.Good people are the first ones to die.
giphy (7)
4.If you didn’t get yourself together and accepted the fact of the apocalypse ,you’d die.And to be fair not just you ,you coward but your whole family , friends,and companions.
giphy (5)
5.who dies,dies.
giphy (13)
6.Whoever dies ,dies
giphy (2)
8.There’s no time to argue ,specially the nonsense of “I didn’t want to kill/run”
giphy (8)
9.There is no time for choosing a bath even if you thought it was pretty clear and safe ,it’s not
giphy (15)
10.If your family is like mine ,some of them are weak and others are reckless ,leave them.
giphy (10)
11.I know it’s truly difficult but leave them ,you have to.
12.There will come moments when there’s no turning back ,do the right thing ;don’t hesitate there is nothing left to go back to .
giphy (16)
13.Make new tough not so crazy friends .
giphy (1)
14.Someday you’ll have to kill them,so prepare yourself.
giphy (6)
15. If you’re still single ;you are a lucky bastard.
giphy (17)
16.I don’t have to say why , you’ll appreciate and figure it later.
giphy (19)
17.Run as fast as you can.
giphy (20)
18.Read now about being a fighter or a warrior ;it’s not that easy.
giphy (21)
19.Read “The art of peace” for the master of the Aikido Ueshiba you’ll need calmness and strength and maybe you’d find yourself again in a weird unexpected way as I did.
giphy (22)
20.Don’t forget to pray ;because you must have seen “This Is The End”.
giphy (23)
21.If you didn’t ,you’re already dead or technically a zombie.
22.Or a walker
23.Or Superman
giphy (24)
24.Now to weapons.Forget about the heavy machines get a rifle,a gun,a knife and surely a bat like Negan’s because it’s too cool .
giphy (26)
25.Don’t go in a forest,you asshole.
giphy (27)
26.Women,women,women.They’re gonna steal your shit and kick your ass unless it’s your wife because it’s legal ,haven’t you seen Zombieland yet ?
giphy (28)
27.If you saw someone like Rick and had the chance to shoot him , don’t .Just don’t .
28.don’t study Theo-phy. because why ? seriously why ?
29.Eventually you’ll die if not from the apocalyptic consequences it’s life and death,remember ?
giphy (29)
30.Die ,bitch.
giphy (30)