Approaching The Unknown 1

by muhammad ayman

My hands aren’t so accustomed to type on my phone keypad since I’ve been writing only on my laptop for the last year and I really don’t like texting -my research partner would disagree though, but what could I possibly do as whenever I sit in front of my study desk I can’t help myself not to google debates about things I don’t really care about right now or watch celebrities interviews when I really think they’re all silly and somehow not intellectual in real life but there’s always something pushes me into procrastinating ,which ends up as our beloved David Gilmour says in “frittering and wasting the hours in an offhand way” . But honestly I gain a lot online without doing any physical work; I mean one doesn’t discover better music,books and movies just like that. Speaking of movies I watched Approaching The Unknown like three months ago (it was 3 weeks before I edited it as I didn’t write the following for months) and it’s still stuck in my less-capable-of-moving-on mind as the theoretical exam I had two weeks ago (it was “yesterday” also edited) but couldn’t celebrate that I most likely would pass it and (I passed it and by the way I’m one of three persons who did it.YAY!) the very other thing I read that same day because someone in Turkey was not happy about being in a safe developed country and wanted to change it to be his kind of state but fortunately he didn’t plan it well so….
Back to the movie,it was pretty different than any other movie about space or based on sci-fi screenplay/novel; the confusing kind of different.I mean look how peaceful and calm it is in space,nobody to talk to (except Houston though),nothing to be terrified of (you’re in space,there ain’t humans there and I’m quite sure any alien would ignore your ship),and there is food,just by yourself .
Is this serenity ? no,it’s salvation.How come? I mean he *spoiler alert* left his spacecraft to a place where he knew he’ll be totally alone and maybe dead very soon (wait! we’ll be dead soon too) to face not his fear of death but his eager need to know and explore more ,the so called Curiosity .
It is what made us evolve for millions of years from a single cell to billions of species and now it is what kills us.One could argue that we could change our fate or in another way control the universe  and that is often linked to us having a free will but it was scientifically discredited,our minds tells us that they don’t control themselves or in conclusion that we don’t have free will,ironic right ? accept that.
Back again to the movie and let’s try to focus on the trip itself not the purpose or the end of it .What would you do during weeks or maybe months on a trip to a place where not a single living matter lived ? would you talk to your friends before taking off or just check-in on facebook when you land ? would you send your loved ones a text every day or like me would you rather send her (because let’s face it there is only one) a handwritten message and put it in a mail or slip it under her apartment door then ring the doorbell and run ? and if your answer is yes ,what will you write ? just sad missing words ? or I’ll-get-back promises ? or probably you’d prefer talk about weird funny things you want to share for the last time; something like you think that Quicksilver(in X-men not Avengers) is way cooler than the Flash and that Home (the documentary film not Jim Parsons’ movie) is pretty much the best non-political documentary you’ve ever seen and you’ve seen a lot or some ridiculous facts for instance that you’ll keep stalking her everywhere even on Mars even after you told her you love her because you simply can’t get her out of your head or you’d go for a known devastating and intimidating confession as she being the only human being who is overwhelmingly beautiful .
Or eventually you won’t send anyone anything because you still think they already know .
Or maybe you won’t go on a trip to Mars or anywhere else and stay .
Home” part of OST”