Sleep tight

by muhammad ayman

Dear friend,
How have you been and how is your life going? I look forward to hearing from you again, telling me about whatever you’re doing nowadays I know I’d be interested. I’m sorry, I haven’t written for a long time. It’s the college mess and being stressed out again, you’d understand. This time my letter would be exactly as you are, short and sweet. I only wanted to check up on you and promise I’ll try to reply as often as I could owing to the fact that I miss writing to you, or to be honest I miss you. This semester is too crowded with complicated stuff from electrodynamics, Atom-physics, linear Algebra, computational physics and finally the theory of relativity which makes the whole week look like an accelerating car I’m trying to catch on foot whilst attempting to avoid the nails that being thrown from behind. I want to tell you details, I’d love to but I know you are tired too so maybe this weekend I’d tell you all about what was stressing me and keeping me insecure which affected the way I wrote to you but not tonight. Tonight is peaceful, let’s just enjoy it. It’s quiet here I hope yours is quiet as well. You know it’s also Gilmour’s night in my head and the brain is loving it because it can only keep the music not the lyrics- its lyrics is great though- so this what I’d like to share with you.Short and sweet. Till next weekend.
Still not Charlie.