by muhammad ayman

Edit: “If you are who I think you are, stalking this particular blog, just know, I know.
Be brave for once and explain yourself”
Night and books
Her lovely looks
Why did I leave?
I ask myself why
Was I that naive?
Dreams and goodbye
Too much drama
Look at the sky
I am here
I am coming
Trust me
It’s not a sci-fi
Or maybe
The impostor was right
Poetry? I can’t write
Or maybe
She thinks that I might
You must be kidding
Ha, not-so-bright?
Let’s fly together
I propose
So will the little prince
It’s his beloved rose
She’s just too scared
I suppose
It is terrifying
but together here it goes
Time slows
We were so close
Come on! We’re Pharaohs!
Will I stay?
Of course, she knows
What is life without curiosity?
But what was life without her?
Fool, a so-sweet fool.