The space between us

by muhammad ayman

Can feelings transcend into space?
Can love beat time?
Can we exist together but alone?

Today I watched the space between us and I liked it. Although I disagree with some things for being scientifically inaccurate, I can personally relate to the plot of the movie. No, I’m not Martian (but oh, boy I wish I were), but does it have to be planets? How about continents, countries, cities or streets?
I never felt I belong to this place particularly more than any pale dot stranded in the universe, yet I can’t live for a few minutes outside of its atmosphere without suffocating or maybe Anne Hathaway would save me, nobody knows. Well… till I experienced something that made me feel more human; open for being vulnerable and buoyant.
The soundtracks they used were quite catchy and the characters were well-written, despite me thinking that it could have been better if the main characters were a bit older. I also liked that they didn’t make the ending dramatic like these days films.
To choose to fall for someone who is difficult to reach is something hard to do, but to feel spacetime being bent around that special someone and you still walk into love with him with your eyes wide open, and choose to take every step along the way without letting go is something called gravity.
You can’t run from that.
And you, what’s your favorite thing about Earth?