Dreams And Nightmares

by muhammad ayman

Dear friend,

Hi! How have you been? I didn’t hear from you for a while, I hope you’re doing just fine.
Last night I had a dream which almost turned to be a nightmare at the end but I saved the day. I’m not going to mention details about the latter because it was weird and you know, Murphy’s law, which is still not so scientific but what do we know? You still can ask me about it someday, if you want to.
It began when I found myself in this place and I don’t know how I got to but then it was like someone just turned on the lights on a very particular seat located on a stage in some kind of a theater, where I then saw the girl I love sitting and looking at me while smiling and what weirder was that she was even more beautiful than she is in real life, can you believe that? The one I told you about, how can that be possible? Oh, I forgot, it’s just a dream.
That’s all I can remember of it, ignoring the incidents that happened after that, for me, just meeting her again, it was a happy one.
I wanna tell you about what I think of why or how people fall in love.
First, let’s start with how? I mean we all know it’s all about physics. From a classical point of view, electric impulses are carried by our neurons from and to our brains through a few chemical reactions, but what is the stimulus to these impulses? is it external or is it only our amygdala messing around with our feelings?
I think it’s just photons with a wavelength in the range of 400–700 nm. Again, it’s all about physics, you see, everything we see, everything we interact with, is all affected by light. Let’s take plants as an example, a rose looks red when its petals absorb all photons except red’s with the lowest energy which they reflect. When there isn’t any light with this frequency that reaches this rose, it will look, smell, and feel different to us, we might even give it another name. This is exactly what happens to you when you start to fall in love, that and some psychological and hormonal interactions in your body. A sunrise, a rainy day, the eye of your love, or a shiny smile; the feelings they inspire happen when something inside you is triggered by a particular variation in the frequency and by extension the energy of those photons.
Now, why? You know better than me that love isn’t a choice, but if it’s something it’s a decision.
You decide to give someone a chance to know everything about you, share stories and dreams and break the walls you’ve been building around yourself for years. Without this decision, you will never know if something happened.

Someone who wasn’t afraid to make a decision.